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Lemongrass tea, sunny skies, ice water, my planner, notes and letters makes for a much needed relaxing afternoon.. I’m quite a happy girl on my day off! :) (at The Beanery)

I see my letter in there! Yay love you

Awe! Hehe, I absolutely loved your letter! It was perfect. Expect one in the mail shortly! Love you so much girl!!

#Sunshine #MyLove #AfternoonDate

#Sunshine #MyLove #AfternoonDate

#Sunshine #MyLove #AfternoonDate
I love tiki bird!

Text conversation

"Yuck I’m sorry honey"
Looked like..
“Fuck I’m so horney”

Well that was awkward..
I don’t feel horney
but apparently I secretly am.
Probably am, I am really missing my boyfriend. Only 4 more days til I get to see him!!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜ƒ


#selfie #newscarf #happygirl #almostfriday!


1st: Ever at the end of a day, you look back, even though there may have been trials, it was indeed a good productive day? For me that was today in so many aspects. Iโ€™m a little bit really proud of myself, and striving to feel this way more often! #Fulfilled #CarpeDiem #PositiveMindset

2nd: It makes me kinda sad that I am so happy the temperature is 1 degree outside. It was in the negatives earlier this evening.. So thankful I have heat and lots of blankets to snuggle in! Goodnight world